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Managing RISKs have never been more challenging than TODAY. Every day business owners find new risks emerging at almost every turn, increasing their exposures to a new level both in terms of quantum and complications. Our Risk Management Solutions are designed to assist you in managing your RISK in a professional and cost effective manner, allowing you to concentrate more on your core business. Besides, you will appreciate that Insurance is a fast growing field and hiring a full time team of highly experienced Insurance Professionals, and investing on their continued education to ensure that they are always updated with latest information do not appear to be a highly lucrative idea.


At ARYAINS we create unique Risk Management Solutions and implement them to perfection with support from our in-house experts and Associates from world-over, to ease out pressure on your staff during entire process of Risk Management i.e.

  • Risk Analysis
  • Risk Control, and
  • Risk Financing

Our Risk Management Solutions are available for almost all types of Industries on world wide basis. We work closely with your Finance and Operations teams to work our most feasible Insurance Solutions those goes well with your corporate objectives.


Our focused approach carries through design of a program structured to our client’s needs, implementation of a risk management solution that delivers true value, and proper management of potential losses those may occur during our period of our contract that goes beyond the expected.


Our Methodology:

Risk Management Solutions from ARYAINS involves following steps to create most feasible Insurance Solutions for you.

  1. Identification of various types of Risks like Physical (Material Damage), Consequential Loss, Credit, Liability etc.  During this phase best of professionals visit your facilities and analyze your risk and submit their reports to us. The report will also offer inputs on your preparedness for medium to major loss incidences.
  2. Evaluation of Risk: The risks identified above are evaluated in terms of their severity and probability to assist you in deciding about further course of action with suggestions.
  3. Insurance Procurement: Based on above inputs our in house teams work out your Insurance Requirements and suggestive solutions (for all types of operational and/ or project insurance requirements). These requirements are fine tuned in consultation with you, and then may be sent to underwriters by your team, or by us. The responses are analyzed by us and sent to you in comparative format.
  4. Policy Administration and Management: This involves checking of Policy Copies vis-à-vis Terms, warranties imposed if any, deductibles etc, further negotiations with underwriters if any, changes in policy terms in consultation with your concerned departments etc.
  5. Claims Service: In the event of any loss ARYAINS will take care of all documentation with support from your staff, negotiations and interaction with Loss Adjusters and Insurance Companies, check assessment as done by the loss adjusters to ensure fast and justified claims settlements. 

As a part of our claims service you will also get analysis of Insured and uninsured losses, and suggestions to improvise your Insurance Protection.


Pricing: Risk Management Solutions are priced competitively at Approx. 4 to 6% of Premium outgo of business subject to certain minimum depending upon nature of business and our man hour estimates, which is much lower than discount you may enjoy from your insurers for placing business with them without intermediary.



“Kindly note that we do not represent any Insurance Company, or Insurance intermediary. During the entire process we work as part of your internal departments responsible for managing your insurance requirements.”

Kindly contact us on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for any info on above service. We will be glad to respond to your queries within 24 hrs.



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