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With Number of Global Internet Users crossing 6.97 Billion mark (and growing) and penetration level of 32.7% it is high time to consider Digital Marketing as one of your main channels to promote and distribute your Insurance related services and products. Millions of people word wide search for Insurance Products on search engines every week. Let's ensure that they find your business during searches they carry out.

Digital Marketing Solutions from ARYAINS are based on unique SAT methodology. SAT methodology involves optimum utilization of various web based resources to reach to a condition that  your target clients are able to reach / consider you when they:


  • SEARCH Internet for any Product or Service being offered by them.
  • ASK Online / Offline friends and connections, search forums and reviews about any product or service being offered by them, and
  • THINK about any Product or Service offered by them.


To achieve the above results we combine our understanding of insurance with our expertise in almost all forms of digital marketing to get you closer to your target market with measurable results.

All our marketing solutions are 100% customizable to meet your specific business objectives and budget limitations if any, and provide measurable results. Automation is used to a  minimum to ensure that results of campaign are not compromised.

SAT Methodology involves following Services integrated with each other in various compositions to get you the most desirable state as mentioned above, which every marketing team dreams about. However, you may select any of them separately, or in combination with any other service also.


It is a well known fact that SEO is one of the finest online marketing strategy as 60%-80% of all web site traffic comes from the search engines.  SEO pulls more traffic than PPC (Pay per Click) at a much lower cost and helps in creating an online brand.


Let ARYAINS assist you in reaching to Higher Ranks on Google and other search engines for keywords related with your business. TAT and Price of our SEO services depends upon choice and number of keywords / keyword phrases and involves (but not limited to)- Website and content review,  Keywords/ keyword phrases analysis viz-a- viz your business,  Goal Setting, Search Engine Submissions, Directory listings,  Link-building,  Social bookmarking,   Press release, Article writing, Review Postings etc.

Search Optimization Services  from ARYAINS can be categorized in two categories:


  • Local SEO: Ideal for business having their prospective buyers located within a specified geographical area. Our Local SEO services ensure that you reach to TOP of Local Search Engines (Big-3 i.e. Google, Yahoo and Bing) within a period of maximum 3 months for selected keywords.
  • SEO: A must for every business looking for expanding operations with no limitation of  geographical boundaries. Search Engine Optimization Services from ARYAINS ensured that you appear on top pages of Search Engines within a period of 3 to 6 months for agreed keywords/ keyword phrases on Google and major search engines (Yahoo and Bing).

Like many of our learned competitors we do not offer multiple packages under our SEO Services, as we believe that SEO is only about reaching to Page-1 of Search Engines, and this should be the only target of anyone planning for SEO. Anything less than Page-1 may not be acceptable.


The Social Media has created a big shift in approach towards building Brand reputation of any business, as the controls now have shifted from Marketing and Advertisement department of companies to the hands of consumers.

Following the trend many Small and Big companies have now their pages created on social media channels like FB, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.... without a proper planning, which reflects in poor Likes, Fans, Followers and interactions on those pages, defeating very purpose of being on social media.

In case you are struggling, or not finding enough time to answer some basic questions like:


  • where should I begin on Social Media?
  • What strategy is being my adopted my competitors on Social Media?
  • Is my company already on Social Media through some of my employees?
  • What could be best methods to engage my customers on Social Media?
  • Which portals can be useful for me to start my campaign?....etc  .


... then it is just the right time for us to start a dialogue on the above issues.

ARYAINS may assist you in finding best possible answers to above questions with respect to your business and

submit a detailed report providing you details on following important points:


  • Current Status: This part of the audit will focus on points like what is already being done to engage existing and prospective buyers, what resources are being used currently those can be leveraged in coming days and identification of your key people those are already on social media those can be utilized in a better way for building your brand reputation.
  • Competitors Analysis: In business it always helps to keep track of your competitor's activities, that is why our Audit also includes in-depth study of your competitors those are already on Social Media. This analysis assist you in finding current gaps in your approach and also in preparing a better strategy in future.
  • Recommendations: In the final section of our report we provide you with a detailed analysis of our work in a simplified language, with our recommendations. Our recommendation part includes SUGGESTIONS, DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS, SUGGESTIVE TARGET FOR SHORT TERM, MEDIUM TERM AND LONG TERM.

You may work on our recommendations on your own, or may engage us to meet your objectives which may be  more cost effective solutions with our expertise in Social Media and understanding of different industry verticals.

Our audits are done online, requiring minimum of your time to discuss some of the issues as and when  required through email, or Skype, and are completed within 3 to 4 weeks.


With social networks experiencing colossal amounts of traffic each day, there's a huge untapped marketing potential within such networks. A carefully planned SMO campaign, targeting relevant audience, could help your business get the extra boost it needs.

Social Media Optimization (SMO), is not just limited to marketing and brand building. It is observed that Increasingly smart businesses are integrating social media participation as part of their knowledge management strategy (ie. product/service development, recruiting, employee engagement and turnover, brand building, customer satisfaction and relations, business development and more).

ARYAINS will be glad to assist you in creating a dedicated social media strategy that includes social media tools, networking sites and communities to create a buzz about your products and services to build bridges between your brand and customers, starts enduring conversations about brands in the Internet ecosystem to garner greater and more comprehensive brand visibility.


With an overall population of more than 950 million  netizens worldwide, Facebook provides huge opportunity for every business. It is no longer a photo-sharing site, but a burgeoning business- networking platform for self-promotion, advertising and multimedia interactions. When used in a professional manner it can create huge opportunities for your business.

We offer following services on Facebook to assist our clients:


  • Facebook Profile and Page Creation (in case you don't have one)
  • Facebook Network Development (subject to maximum limit allowed by FB i.e. 5000)
  • Facebook Likes (500+ to any number as you may require)*.
  • Facebook Inbox Management.
  • Facebook Groups Creation and promotions.
  • Facebook Content Development
  • Facebook Marketplace Ad Creation and Management.

*  We do not sale LIKES but bring them to your pages in a highly organic manner.


With more than 500 Million estimated users world-wide, Twitter offers some great advantages to all business, like-Updating your existing clients and connections about new products, services and special offers, Instant Traffic to your Business Page from highly targeted audience,  Permanent Audience for your Business,  SEO Benefits,  Excellent Communication Interface for your existing and Prospective Clients, Integration Facility with most other Portals etc.

In case you have not considered Twitter for your Insurance Business  far, then go for a test ride today with our assistance to find what TWITTER can really do for your business. Remember, if you are on Twitter with a small base of less than 5000, then your chances of generating qualified traffic, and leads through Twitter are very low, and you should consider professional help with your Twitter Campaign.

Our Twitter Marketing Packages includes:


  • Twitter Page Creation with professional background.
  • Targeted Twitter followers (Industry, Geography, Interests) as required from 1,000 to 1,00,000 and more by  100% organic methods. We never buy/ sell Twitter Followers, but create a network for your requirements only.
  • Tweeting (100 Tweets per month), Mentions and welcome messages to new followers and diverting them to your website/ blog.
  • Responses to important direct messages and mentions of generic nature.
  • Forwarding of important messages to your email inbox and cleaning SPAM.


Besides above we may also create and deliver solutions for your any other Digital Marketing needs on other channels like YouTube, LinkedIn, Ad Postings etc on hearing from you.

For any information/clarification and quotation about any of the above services please contact us on   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it




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